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General Product Info My OAuth fails and I am outside of the US There is an issue with how the .NET client libraries sign dates on OAuth requests to the Google GData APIs. We are currently in discussion with Google about a permanent fix for this issue. We have a couple things that might help and temporarily get around the issue. 1. Change your Language Settings to English (United States) so that the date is in the format expected by the GData APIs. Language settings are under Control Panel --> Regional and Language settings. Language settings are cached so if you have the Calendar Importer open you must close it and start it again. 2. Make sure that your computer's time is within 20 minutes of the actual time. Official time: Let me know if this helps at all. Sorry for the inconvenience. 
Power Panel When running the AppCfg at the root directory of the Power Panel installation I am told that "'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file"? You must have Java SE Development Kit to install Power Panel. 
Power Panel I am unable to login to Power Panel to complete the Installation step using my App Engine account. My Power Panel application id was created using a email address. Administrative functions for Power Panel may only be performed by administrators of the App Engine application ID. To complete the installation step add another administrator to the application ID that you have created for use with Power Panel. This user must also be a member of the domain for which you are installing Power Panel to. 
Power Panel How do you add another admin/developer to your appspot application? Log in to your Google App Engine account and click on the application that you want to add another admin user to. Look under the "Administration" heading on the left side menu. Click on the "Developers" link. In the text box provided add the email of the person that you want to have admin rights to this application. (IMPORTANT NOTE: The user being added must be on the domain or they will not be able to log in to the Power Panel application. If the user is not an account on the domain they will only be able to administer the application settings available on the App Engine dashboard) 
Power Panel Once you have created an application, where do you go to view and configure them? If the applications were created using a Gmail Account then use If the applications were created using a Google Apps account then use<YOURDOMAINHERE> (EX: 
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